Every single person who worked on this campaign and website is a volunteer. We’re doing this in our free time, often between tasks at work or between putting our kids down for a nap. Our only goal is to help other grassroots organizations like ours get the word out on how the New York State Senate works, what progressive legislation is being held back, and what battles we need to fight to get the True Blue State we deserve.

We created the MONEY TALKS Campaign as a way to hold our representatives accountable. Many of them campaigned as Democrats, but have failed to uphold their promises. MONEY TALKS will focus on direct actions from March 20-24th that empower New Yorkers to lobby their State Senators on important issues in the about-to-be-passed state budget.

Often an under-reported time in politics, Budget Season allows politicians the ability to sneak legislation changes into law with little oversight.

We’re here to change that.

We’ve spent the last few weeks reading, researching, and studying the 2017 budget legislation so that we can arm voters like you with knowledge, talking points, and materials, so that you have everything you need to lobby your Senator.

We’ll give you tools to help you make phone calls, write letters, send postcards, share content on social media, and even, attend and organize protests in your district. If you’ve always wanted to perform a Greek tragedy about the demise of American democracy, or play in a feminist Mariachi band, or rock that Statue of Liberty costume you’ve been dying to wear, this is your moment!

Over 40 groups in every IDCF district have already signed on to get the word out about the key issues included in this years budget legislation and we’re adding more organizations to our coalition every day. We hope you’ll join us.

Together, we can make New York truly blue.

MONDAY – Plan a Postcard Party or Protest
TUESDAY – Tweetstorm and FB Frenzy
WEDNESDAY – Write a letter to your State Senator or your local paper
THURSDAY – Telephone your State Senator
FRIDAY – Flyers and Fun

Feel free to check out some more information about our campaign below and get ready for our next actions!


[pdfviewer width=”700px” height=”449px” beta=”true/false”]https://makenytrueblue.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/MoneyTalks-2.pdf[/pdfviewer]