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June 2019 End of Session Legislative Scorecard:


1:  MONEY OUT OF POLITICS:  comprehensive campaign finance reform and small-donor match public financing of state elections.

2:  MONEY INTO COMMUNITIES:  modernize and reform our out-of-date tax system, make billionaires & Wall Street pay their fair share and provide tax relief to working-class taxpayers statewide

3:  VOTING REFORMS: Making it easier, not harder, to vote.

4:  HOUSING:  End homelessness and make housing a right

5:  DECARCERATION:  Reduce incarceration and improve police accountability

6:  EDUCATION:  Invest in schools not jails

7:  IMMIGRATION:  Protect immigrants facing attacks from Washington

8:  CLIMATE:  A Green New Deal for New York to fight the climate crisis

9:  REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH:  Comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, is a fundamental component of every person’s health, bodily autonomy, privacy and equality

10:  HEALTHCARE FOR ALL:  Medicare for All and New York Health Act

11:  FIX PUBLIC TRANSIT:  Fix our subways and buses statewide, with congestion pricing as a cornerstone to any funding package.

12:  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REFORM:  Clean up Albany and end corporate welfare and wasteful sweetheart deals like Amazon’s #HQ2scam and the Buffalo Billion

13: GET GUNS OFF OUR STREETS: Pass the Red Flag bill to create Extreme Risk Protection Orders, ban bump stocks and extend the waiting period for background checks.

14: CIVIL RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS:Pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), adding gender identity or expression to the existing human rights law in New York State. Ban conversion therapy and pass the Child Victims Act.

15:  BUDGET PRIORITIES:  New Hope, New York budget priorities