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 Support For The NY People’s Platform Exceeds Expectations!

“Albany works for the people, and the people set the agenda!”

January 18th, Albany, New York – On Tuesday, over 100 activists representing a broad range of issues and constituencies from around New York State, joined together with 12 members of the New York State Legislature and NYC Council to support the NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM in a raucous, often jubilant rally at the Capitol.

Senator Mike Gianaris, Deputy Majority Leader of the New York State Senate promised to the assembled activists about the issues in the NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM, “We’re going to try and get them ALL for you, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I want you to know that we recognize it and we appreciate it.”

Mia Pearlman, Co-Founder/Co-Leader of True Blue NY, held up a poster-sized Legislative Scorecard for voters to measure the policies put forth by the Governor and Legislature against the NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM and passed out scorecards to the electeds.

Pearlman said, “For far too long, the people of New York have heard the same excuse for why we can’t have adequately funded schools, small-donor-match publicly financed elections, affordable housing, public transit, decent roads, and so much more: Republican control. Well, that’s no longer an obstacle, and no longer an excuse!”

Savoring the Senate Democrats’ newfound power as well as the voting reforms and LGBTQ Civil Rights legislation just passed, Senator Gustavo Rivera declared to the activists lining the stairs of the Million Dollar Staircase, “IN MY DAY, none of the great things we were able to accomplish in the two days so far were even a possibility…We recognize that we would not be here without all of you: individually, the organizations you represent, and all of the communities that you came from and organized in, and we want to keep that energy going.”

Holding up the Legislative Scorecard containing the NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM, Rivera continued, “This is a LONG list of stuff, folks. But IN MY DAY, we had been saying that all of these things are necessary to make our state better for every New Yorker. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with your help.”

Pointing to his Legislative Scorecard, Senator Zellnor Myrie affirmed, “Our voters gave us a mandate to change the way business is done in Albany and reinvest in our communities. From voting reform, to affordable housing, to education and more, the People’s Platform lays out a comprehensive vision of how we can do that.”

Rejoicing in the quick passage of voting and civil rights legislation in the first two days of the session, Senator Alessandra Biaggi exclaimed, “Welcome to the new New York State Senate!” Waving the Legislative Scorecard, Senator Biaggi said “I am incredibly excited to fight for everything on this list.”

“Out of 50 states, income inequality is most rampant in New York”, stated Senator Jessica Ramos. “The most important part of the People’s Platform is the underlying understanding that we all do better, when we all do better!”

“People are going to tell you that you’re asking for too much, people are going to tell you that you are reaching too high, that it’s impossible – but I want you to remember that people said that taking down the IDC was impossible!” proclaimed Assemblymember Diana C. Richardson. “You did the impossible, and you can pass the People’s Platform as well…And now that you’ve laid out this platform, I want you to know I’ve got your back…thank you, don’t leave our side. This coalition is going to get bigger and we’re going to get everything we ask for!”          

Also attending in support were Senator Jen Metzger, Senator John Liu, Senator Brian Benjamin, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, Assemblyman Harvey Epstein, and NYC Speaker Corey Johnson.

The grassroots groups and issue advocacy organizations behind the NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM are also fighting for increased voter engagement in Albany, as well as more transparency in the way the Legislature and budget process is run.

Therefore, we will be giving public testimony at every upcoming budget hearing to represent the voice of the people. The people set the agenda in Albany, and Albany works for the people—so the people are going to Albany.

Upstate, downstate, suburban, urban—New Yorkers of every background across this state are united in support for this just and visionary agenda, and we will make sure no community is left behind. Together, we helped MAKE NY TRUE BLUE: now we are going to make it matter.

If you represent a group or are an elected official who would like to add your name in support of the NY People’s Platform, please click here.


1:  MONEY OUT OF POLITICS:  comprehensive campaign finance reform and small-donor match public financing of state elections.

2:  MONEY INTO COMMUNITIES:  modernize and reform our out-of-date tax system, make billionaires & Wall Street pay their fair share and provide tax relief to working-class taxpayers statewide

3:  VOTING REFORMS: Making it easier, not harder, to vote.

4:  HOUSING:  End homelessness and make housing a right

5:  DECARCERATION:  Reduce incarceration and improve police accountability

6:   EDUCATION:  Invest in schools not jails

7:   IMMIGRATION:  Protect immigrants facing attacks from Washington

8:  CLIMATE:  A Green New Deal for New York to fight the climate crisis

9:  REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH:  Comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, is a fundamental component of every person’s health, bodily autonomy, privacy and equality

10:  HEALTHCARE FOR ALL:  Medicare for All and New York Health Act

11:  FIX PUBLIC TRANSIT:  Fix our subways and buses statewide, with congestion pricing as a cornerstone to any funding package.

12:  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REFORM:  Clean up Albany and end corporate welfare and wasteful sweetheart deals like Amazon’s #HQ2scam and the Buffalo Billion

13: GET GUNS OFF OUR STREETS: Pass the Red Flag bill to create Extreme Risk Protection Orders, ban bump stocks and extend the waiting period for background checks.

14: CIVIL RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS:Pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), adding gender identity or expression to the existing human rights law in New York State. Ban conversion therapy and pass the Child Victims Act.

15:  BUDGET PRIORITIES:  New Hope, New York budget priorities

THE NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM is supported by the following groups: (list in formation): Alliance for Quality Education, Campaign for New York Health, Chinese-American Planning Council, Church Women United in New York State, Citizen Action of NY, Demos, Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance, Empire State Indivisible, Empire State Progressives, Environmental Advocates of NY, Ernest Skinner Political Association, Food & Water Watch, Grassroots Action NY, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, Housing Works, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, Long Island Progressive Coalition, Metro NY Health Care for All, NAACP, New York Caring Majority, New York Communities for Change (NYCC), New York State Council of Churches, No IDC NY, New York Progressive Action Network, NYC-DSA, Peoples Action, Peoples Climate Movement – New York, Picture the Homeless, Progressive Action of Lower Manhattan, Strong Economy for All, The Black Institute, The True Blue NY Grassroots Coalition, Upper West Side MoveOn/Indivisible, VOCAL-NY, WHARR

THE NY PEOPLE’S PLATFORM is supported by the following electeds (list in formation):  
NYS Senators: Brian Benjamin, Alessandra Biaggi, Mike Gianaris, John Liu, Jen Metzger, Zellnor Myrie, Jessica Ramos
NYS Assemblymembers: Harvey Epstein, Diana Richardson, Linda Rosenthal
NYC Council Speaker: Corey Johnson

If you represent a group or are an elected official who would like to add your name in support of the NY People’s Platform, please click here.

Let’s hold our reps accountable by keeping score at home, using our handy-dandy score-card: