Although the number of registered Democratic voters in NY State is more than double the number of Republicans registered, the state legislature, through gerrymandering, “fake Democrats” and backroom politics has remained under Republican control. We want the “real” Democrats to take back control so we can pass the progressive legislation our state desperately needs. Since our inception in the winter of 2017, we have initiated several campaigns aimed at making our state truly blue:

#NoDealNoIDC Campaign: On 11/27/17 Governor Cuomo and his state Democratic Party proposed a sham deal to “Reunify” the Democrats. Bottom line, this deal rewards the IDC for 7 years of enabling a Republican majority, and guarantees that Democratic Senators will not support or endorse any Democratic primary challengers. It’s clearly one sided. Read our press release here and sign up to receive notifications of our actions and other important updates here.

In March ’17 we launched our Money Talks campaign, aimed at the NYS budget, to educate the public about the issues at stake in the budget negotiations and bringing attention to the progressive bills passed in the NYS Assembly that were either defeated or never brought to a vote in the State Senate.

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