NEW YORK: AMONG THE WORST STATES IN AMERICA FOR VOTING RIGHTS  (Download text as a pdf and or click here to download a hi-res image)

New York’s voting laws are among the worst in the nation: we rank 41st in voter turnout. There are nearly 2 million citizens of voting age not registered to vote. Unlike most states, we don’t have early voting in any form, and it’s difficult to even register. In fact, our voting laws are so repressive that Republicans use them to promote voter suppression. When asked about cutting his state’s early voting period, Governor John Kasich of Ohio said “I do not know why you are picking on Ohio. Why don’t you go pick on New York?”

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Governor Cuomo and the Democrats in the NY State Legislature have proposed automatic voter registration and early voting in their budgets. The Republicans, with the support of the IDC and Simcha Felder, reject these proposals to strengthen our democracy. They don’t care if you can’t vote, because low turnout is the only way Republicans can win elections.

The IDC and Simcha Felder are letting the Party of Trump keep New Yorkers from voting!


What is the IDC?

The Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) – led by Bronx State Senator Jeff Klein – is a group of turncoat NY State Senators who were elected to office as Democrats but have a “majority coalition” with Republicans, giving them control of the Senate. They include: Marisol Alcantara (Manhattan), Tony Avella (Queens), David Carlucci (Rockland), Jesse Hamilton, (Brooklyn), Jeff Klein (Bronx), Jose Peralta (Queens), Diane Savino (Staten Island) and David Valesky (Syracuse area).

The IDC get personal perks in exchange for empowering the Republicans, like better office space, bigger staff budgets, and more computers. They also get allocations for their district, underfunding the rest of the state.

Who is Simcha Felder?

A Brooklyn State Senator who runs on the Democratic, Republican and Conservative Party lines, and caucuses with the Republicans to get more for his district.

The Senate Republicans love Donald Trump

They are 100% anti-choice and anti-LGBT. They promote anti-immigrant legislation that harms entire communities.

The IDC has NO real influence to push progressive legislation

As disgraced Republican former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said about the IDC: “[Jeff Klein] is going to be co-coalition leader, which means nothing. I’m going to be president of the senate, I’m going to be majority leader, I’m going to control everything. I’m going to control who is on what committees, what legislation comes to the floor, the budget—everything.” There’s no reason to think this arrangement has changed under current Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan.

By giving the Republicans control of the NY State Senate, the IDC and Simcha Felder have let them block:

  • DREAM Act to provide tuition assistance to children of undocumented immigrants
  • NYS Liberty Act to protect immigrants by making NY a Sanctuary State
  • Reproductive Health Act to codify Roe v. Wade in New York law
  • GENDA to protect LGBT New Yorkers from discrimination
  • Voting Reform including early voting and automatic voter registration
  • Criminal Justice Reform including “Raise the Age”
  • Campaign Finance Reform and Ethics Reform to clean up Albany corruption
  • New York Health Act to provide Single Payer Healthcare in New York State