FRIDAY – Flyers and Fun

It’s time to EDUCATE YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS about the budget, current legislation, the IDC and Simcha Felder. Give out info sheets and let people know how crucial it is to pressure our State Senators on legislation before the vote on March 31st!

    1. Print out our info sheets on the issues in English, and other translations in Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Kreyol, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and Mandarin and SHARE THEM!
    2. Give them out at protests, demonstrations, school pickup, the gym, the farmer’s market, the grocery, your book club, your place of worship, or anywhere where you see your friends and neighbors.
    3. Share your experience on social media

This weekend is shaping up to be ACTION PACKED with demonstrations in many IDCF districts.

Friday, March 24th

Saturday, March 25th

Would you like to plan a CREATIVE DEMONSTRATION In front of your Senator’s district office? Read our guide and let us know about your event!

Materials for Friday:

Also, as you engage in direct actions, please take a minute to fill out our Action Response form — we’d like to know how everything goes!