So, how do we get the word out?

Whether you want to write your own tweet or borrow some of the ones we created, there are a few approaches you can use:  (and don’t forget to scroll down this page for memes!)

  • Make a general statement — Just write what you want to say and hit the Tweet button
  • Make an eye-catching statement — Attach one of our Money Talks infographics or memes by downloading the one you want, then in your tweet click on the camera icon to upload it.
  • Make a statement that people can search for — Write your message then add a #hashtag. Hashtags let other users find content easily based on a common word or phrase, like #MoneyTalks
  • Make a personalized, eye-catching, searchable Tweet – Combine each of the methods above to really step up your social media game!

Once you created your tweet, how do you maximize visibility?

  • Tweet at someone in particular, such an IDCF senator. You can either put their handle (their Twitter name – for example, @name) in the middle of your tweet, wherever it makes sense, or put it at the front. If you put it at the front, put a period before the “at” like this: .@ That makes the tweet public.
  • Tweet at the experts! Both advocacy organizations and reporters monitor social media to gauge interest in certain causes. By tweeting directly at advocacy organizations or reporters, your tweet is more likely to get noticed and even re-shared. (Who knows, you may be featured in Buzzfeed afterall!)
  • Re-tweet other supporters! After you tweet, you can click on the hashtags related to our campaign to see what your fellow activists are saying. If you see something that resonates with you, show your fellow activists some support by retweeting, starring, or favoriting their tweets.

Are there any shortcuts out there to make this easier?

Absolutely, and we’re glad you asked. Subscribing to a list gives you easy access to all 63 of those Senator handles, and also lets you see in one place what each Senator is tweeting. Check out some of our lists below! 

Now that you’ve come up with a new list of Senators to follow and tweet at, are you feeling a bit stuck on what to say? Feel free to copy and paste some our sample tweets on key budget issues!

School funding:

Why won’t you fund schools in full @NY31Alcantara? It’s court-mandated! How will you visit schools and look kids in the eye? #fundCFE

Not represented by Alcantara? Replace Alcantara with your senator’s handle or tweet all 9 members of the IDCF! Also need some hashtag ideas? Try #fundCFE or try tweeting at these orgs: @AQE_NY, @zansari8, @NYCKidsPAC, @nysut, @NYBATs, @JasGripper, @BEastonNY, @DianeRavitch.

MTA Fare Hikes:

@NYGovCuomo you said you would fund the MTA, but you’ve shortchanged us again. Enough fare hikes! #MoneyTakingAgency

Last year Governor Cuomo promised to fund the MTA $83 billion to pay for necessary repairs and maintenance to the New York transit system. Instead, the Governor only paid out $1 billion to the MTA and now has proposed another $65 million in cuts. Sunday’s fare hike certainly won’t be the last. 

Voting Rights:

.@IDC4NY doesn’t support #easyvoting bc they’ll lose their primaries!

117,000 BK residents erased from the rolls last year @SenatorHamilton @NYSenatorFelder And you’re not supporting voting rights? Bad move

Other hashtag options include: #votingrights #easyelections #PassAVR #NYVotingRights. And some key organizations to keep in mind are @commoncauseNY@NYDLC@MaketheRoadNY@VRR_GOBK@tallyupNY

Raise The Age:

NY and NC are the only states to automatically try and imprison kids as adults. End this barbaric law NOW @IDC4NY or blood is on your hands #RaiseTheAge

Some other common hashtags for Raise the Age are #RaisetheAgeNY #JusticeforYouth and #KaliefBrowder – in memorandum of the young African American man, Kalief Browder, who was unjustly imprisoned for three years on Rikers Island. Kalief spent the majority of his time in solitary confinement and two years after his release, the effects of his inhumane treatment became manifest when Kalief took his own life. To remember Kalief and to thank those that work on this cause every day, be sure to thank @RaisetheAgeNY, @justiceforyouth, @momsrising, @citizenactionny, @ChildDefender for their work to end this practice in our state.


All of our organizers, volunteers, and fellow grassroots organizations will also be working hard to get the word out about our campaign, so be sure to give us a shout! We’ll also be re-tweeting all of our favorite tweets. You can find us and our campaign using the hashtags #moneytalks, #IDCisGOP, #nofakeDems, #IDCsellsout, #IDCtruecolorisRED, and, of course, by tweeting at us, @makeNYtrueblue!

BONUS: All of this applies to Facebook posts and Instagram posts too!

(Except the .@ thing, that’s just a Twitter quirk)

I know…I know.. you’ve been waiting for the memes and infographics, so without further adieu*:


(*You can download each image by clicking on it)