The IDCF put the Republicans in control of the New York State Senate:

“The Senate Democrats are definitely not taking over the majority. Between the Independent Democratic Conference and elected Republicans, we’ll have a good number and a majority to carry forward our agenda.”  –Marty Golden, 22nd District Gotham Gazette, 10/20/16

“When President Trump was elected, I felt there is a God.” –John Bonacic, 42nd District  The Daily Star,  1/29/17

“I am leaning Trump.  He’s been to our conference in the past, we have a relationship.”  –Marty Golden, 22nd District  Brooklyn Daily, 4/15/16

Photo credit: Andrea Renault/Polaris
Murphy & Trump

“We must respect the process and unite behind him.  –Terrence Murphy, 40th District  Putnam Daily Voice, 11/10/16

About Trump acting on his campaign promises:

“Do we need to smooth some of it, yes, but don’t forget, this man told you in the beginning this is what I am going to do…I would rather someone tell me upfront what he is doing.”  –Bill Larkin, 39th District  Mid Hudson News, 2/5/17

And think of all the SILENCE that has been their response to his executive orders, Cabinet choices, million-dollar trips to Mar-a-Lago, hotel guests taking photos with the nuclear codes, and Russia…