The New York Health Act — single payer for every person in the state – would be an enormous win for all New Yorkers, as it would not only save money but more importantly save lives. As well, it would encourage other states to protect their residents from the eventual repeal of the ACA.

The IDC says they support single payer and Alcantara and Avella have cosponsored it, but they + Felder give the Republicans control over committees that can kill single payer before it ever receives a vote. Cuomo makes it worse by not doing anything to stop the IDC & Felder from enabling the Party of Trump.

You can make a difference by doing these 3 simple things: 

1. Please share the following information with your friends, family and the members of your group:
a. 6-HealthcareSinglePayerlinks
d. 2-LettertotheEditorguide

2. Encourage them to post video selfies of their health care horror stories (such as Corinne’s friend who died of diabetes in his 20’s):  on social media and use these hashtags: #SinglePayer #SinglePayerNY  #NY4Health  #MedicareForAll

3. And please, everyone, call your State Senator, the IDC, Cuomo and the Republican State Senators who will make or break this bill (S4840):

–Kemp Hannon, Chair of the Health Committee, 518-455-2200
–Catharine Young, Chair of the Finance Committee, 518-455-3563
–John Flanagan, Senate Majority Leader, 518-455-2071
–Governor Cuomo, 1-518-474-8390

Together, we can make New York TRUE BLUE.