What are we doing?

This project helps resistance groups and concerned individuals send handwritten postcards to Democratic primary voters in districts represented by New York State Senators in the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). The goal: use a personal touch to help New Yorkers get informed, energized and voting. People who don’t respond to traditional voter outreach like flyers, campaign ads or calls do respond to handwritten postcards. Other groups like Postcards to Voters have used large groups of volunteers to increase Democratic turnout in forgotten elections, and they’ve won races even in deep red states.

Postcards are cheap, easy to write and make a big difference!

What is the IDC?

The IDC is a group of 8 fake Democrats who have swung the New York State Senate to Republican control. Even though there are a majority of elected Democrats in the NYS Senate, the IDC’s alliance with the Republicans allows the GOP to control the agenda. The IDC claims to be “progressive,” but in reality, their empowerment of the Senate Republicans blocks a whole host of legislation in New York State, including education funding, tenant protections, reproductive rights bills, and early voting/automatic voter registration laws. The IDC has critics in every level of government, including Senator Gillibrand and the entire New York Democratic Congressional delegation.

Learn more about the IDC in these terrific videos: and

How does this postcard project work?

    • This project will have you write postcards to Democratic voters in Senator Jeff Klein’s district. Senator Klein is the leader of the IDC, and he represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester.
    • First, send an email to and request addresses.
    • You will automatically receive back 10 addresses for Democratic voters in Klein’s district, plus sample language for your postcards. Here’s an example of a message you might write:


Hi (first name),
Concerned about health care? Your Senator, Jeff Klein, ran as a Democrat but works for Republicans. The GOP, Klein and his “IDC” block health care and other crucial bills in the State Senate.  Tell him to stop (718)822-2049—Help us vote him out in 2018!
Thanks, (your first name), NY

  • Write your postcards! Feel free to develop your own message, tweak our suggested language, or copy it word for word — whatever you prefer. Tourist postcards are great and you can also buy packs of postcards on Amazon or Etsy. Keep everything generic. Make sure it’s a postcard that your neighbor would want to receive. This is a grassroots effort, so stickers and fancy pens are great. Make them look personal.
  • Mail them off within 2 days.
  • Take pictures and post on social media with the hashtag #tellonklein. Feel free to tag us in your picture (@makeNYtrueblue) so we can retweet/like your postcard resistance efforts! Please make sure to obscure the addresses in your pictures.

This is a great project for groups. Throw a postcard party in your living room or include it as an activity for your resistance group.