Bills That Passed in the Assembly and Died in the Senate

The IDC was formed to “get things done.” Instead they’ve prevented dozens of bills* from even getting a vote, include those passed by the Assembly. To view bills in written form with links to further info, please scroll down below infographic:


  • New York Health Plan: Single Payer S4840 Same As  A4738
  • Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act S3668 Same As A1378
  • Reproductive HealthCare Act S2796 Same As A1748
  • Limits Denial Of Coverage Of Additional Treatment S3568 Same As A1129
  • Price Gouging Of Medicine S5262 Same As  A7087

Voting Rights


  • DREAM Act S471-A Same As A3039
  • NY Liberty Act (Prohibiting Detention Of Immigrants Based On Administratively Issued Detainer Warrants) S4075 Same As A3049
  • New York State Reuniting Families Act S2201 Same As A339

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Restructures Domestic Violence Sentences S5116 Same As  A3110
  • Seals Possession Of Marihuana Records S3809 Same As A2142

Civil Rights

  • Child Victims Act S6575  Same As  A5885
  • Human Right Law Amendment: expand to cover unlawful discriminatory practices in public schools S6356  Same As  A6659


  • Prohibits An Owner From Adjusting The Amount Of Preferential Rent S6527 Same As  A6285
  • Upon Renewal Of A Lease Repeals Provisions Permitting Rent Increases After Vacancy S1593 Same As  A954

Climate and the Environment

  • Climate and Community Protection Act S6617A Same As  A8270


  • Full Day Kindergarten transitional funding S700A Same As  A1625A

Wage and Leave Policy

* To see the text of each bill and status in each house, please click on the link.

The Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) are 8 turncoat Democrats who form a “majority coalition” with the Republicans, giving them control of the Senate, and what comes to the floor for a vote.

 The IDC get personal perks, like better office space and bigger staff budgets, in exchange for empowering the Party of Trump.  They also get pork for their district, leaving less money for the rest of the state. They are funded by the real estate industry, charter school advocates, and other special interest groups directly opposed to the legislation they kill in the Senate.

If we don’t unseat the IDC in 2018 Democratic primary, we will never get these bills signed into law. Make sure you’re registered as a Democrat before October 2017, and VOTE THEM OUT!